1. Expected or required to account for one’s actions; answerable. See Synonyms at responsible



(əˈkaʊn tə bəl) adj.

  1. subject to the obligation to report or justify something; responsible; answerable.





  1. Liable to be required to give account, as of one’s actions or of the discharge of a duty or trust.
  2. Required to render account; answerable.
  3. Involving important duties, the supervision of others, or the ability to make decisions with little supervision.


When you’re struggling to get training in whether it’s because you’re tired, overwhelmed, or the weather is uninviting, it is good to have an accountability partner. This goes for other areas of life, as well. We are not islands and aren’t made to go it alone.


Whether it’s a coach, friend, spouse, or other family member, having someone to help keeps you accountable is important we become the best we can be, in all areas of life, when we are held accountable for our actions. Sometimes it hurts, but it’s always worth it.


I’d like to know, who is it that helps keep you going when you aren’t feeling it?

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