23-29 May Training Summary

One week out from Toughman Indiana, 112 days until Toughman New York, a good recovery training week. Nice recovery week, will have to work more on the run and swim legs over the next two weeks before taper week for next set of races, 14th of June 10 mile bike time trial and 19th of… Continue reading 23-29 May Training Summary

It’s The Journey, Not The Beginning Or The End

I sometimes forget, and I think many others forget that it is not where or how you start, nor is it where or how you end, but it’s the journey itself that matters. Here are some good quotes that I found about the journey. “Not all those who wander are lost.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of… Continue reading It’s The Journey, Not The Beginning Or The End

Toughman Indiana Noblesville Race Report – 21 May 2016

I left my house at 9:00am on Friday morning for the 4-hour drive to Noblesville, Indiana to meet up with my good friend, Kevin Petty. It was a non-eventful drive. My wife packed a lunch and some snacks to eat in the car on the way there. I don’t like to stop when driving, so… Continue reading Toughman Indiana Noblesville Race Report – 21 May 2016

Toughman Indiana Aquabike Race Report by Kevin Petty – Noblesville, Indiana 21 May 2016

This race report was written by a good friend Kevin Petty – he placed 2nd in the Male 50 and over category. He is a good friend and great competitor. This race report is to highlight some of the mistakes I made at the 2016 ToughMan Indiana Half-Aquabike. Race Prep: My training was spot on.… Continue reading Toughman Indiana Aquabike Race Report by Kevin Petty – Noblesville, Indiana 21 May 2016

Indoor and Outdoor Training

I have a love-hate relationship with both indoor and outdoor training. Both are very important for run, bike and swim training, and there are definitely pros and cons to both. Living in Northwest Ohio, I am forced by the weather conditions to train inside for about six months of the year, so I have learned… Continue reading Indoor and Outdoor Training

Annette Rivera – Toughman Puerto Rico Race Director

-Where are you from? I’m from Cabo Rojo, PR, a small town with spectacular beaches in the southwest region of the island, next to Mayaguez city, where the venue is going to be held. -What sports and position did you play in school? At school I played volleyball as a setter. -Where did you go… Continue reading Annette Rivera – Toughman Puerto Rico Race Director

Six days until Toughman Indiana

  Not the best taper week, six days now until Toughman Indiana on the 21st May in Noblesville, Indiana. But, I am happy with it. The calendar does not show the hour of treading water and swimming during lifeguard classes or the hour in the water teaching fourth graders drown proofing. Swim: 3.12 miles 1… Continue reading Six days until Toughman Indiana

Muscles Used During Cycling

This illustration shows the different muscles and muscles groups used during the pedal stroke, and where each muscle is engaged during the pedal stroke. As you can see, most of the muscles in the front and back, upper and lower leg are engaged at some point during the pedal stroke. Some muscles are used more… Continue reading Muscles Used During Cycling

Toughman Tennessee by Lava Magazine

Posted by: LAVA Editors , May 4, 2016 The TOUGHMAN Half Iron series is happy to announce the addition of TOUGHMAN Tennessee Atomic Half iron triathlon to the TOUGHMAN Half Iron series. Registration will open in late spring, with more details of the race being announced soon. Tennessee will be the “latest” state to host… Continue reading Toughman Tennessee by Lava Magazine