Make Beetroot Your New Veg Friend! (Juice Recipe Included)

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? The Red One – Recipe Below (along with details of where to buy the glass bottle) When I was at school and had school dinners, they used to give us sliced boiled beetroot with shepherd’s pie once a week. It turned the mashed potato a blushing pink. In those days…

The Hype About Beets

I actually love beets. We grow our own and can them and freeze the tops for greens.   By Ashleigh Libs | Aug. 14, 2017, 6:50 p.m. (ET) Beets are a root vegetable (think carrots, onions, garlic, etc.) because they grow underground and absorb their nutrients from the soil. This powerhouse vegetable is a great… Continue reading The Hype About Beets

Kasper Records Seventh Consecutive Top-10 WTS Finish at ITU World Triathlon Stockholm

By USA Triathlon | Aug. 26, 2017, 11:38 a.m. (ET) STOCKHOLM — Kirsten Kasper (North Andover, Mass.) led the U.S. women with an eighth-place finish at ITU World Triathlon Stockholm on Saturday, marking her seventh consecutive top-10 WTS finish this season. The Stockholm race marked the final stop on the ITU World Triathlon Series circuit… Continue reading Kasper Records Seventh Consecutive Top-10 WTS Finish at ITU World Triathlon Stockholm

Calvin’s History

The Whole Story By Ann & John McKinley Calvin’s Challenge has not been known for great weather. The First Annual Calvin’s Challenge was designed as a 24 hour event to train for the Michigan National 24 Hours. We completed the first fifty miles in an effortless two hours but the 65 miles in the other… Continue reading Calvin’s History

My Fitterr Programs

  I am now working with an online company called Fitterr. Fitterr is a website where all types of personal trainers and coaches offer their services. I have posted 9 different coaching programs on the site. 1.      Beginner triathlon program for three months, this program is a personalized program for a new triathlete looking to… Continue reading My Fitterr Programs