RAW 2016, 10 questions for Sylvia Maas

Original post on http://www.raamitalia.it/en/raw-2016-10-questions-for-sylvia-maas/ Sylvia Maas, finisher Raw in 3 d 11 h 15 m . Click here for her race! How many hours of sleep did you do during RAW? I took 2 one hour sleep breaks. What was the most beautiful during the day crossed up in Durango? My favorite part of the… Continue reading RAW 2016, 10 questions for Sylvia Maas

Ultra-Cycling Growing in India

Ultra-Cycling Growing in India India has embraced ultra-cycling in a big way.¬† ¬†Randonneuring – organized non-competitive endurance cycling – came to India in January 2010.¬† 60 riders signed up for a 200 km brevet in Mumbai.¬† The first overnight brevet – a 400 km event – was organized in August 2010 and the first 400… Continue reading Ultra-Cycling Growing in India