How did practice go today?

How did practice go today? Good? Decent? Amazing? However it went down, it’s time to either (a) turn that bad practice-frown upside down or (b) capitalize on the momentum of a good workout. Here are 7 easy and absolutely doable things you can do today to help you punch tomorrow’s workout in the gullet: 1.… Continue reading How did practice go today?

Another Blog On Know The Rules

I posted on this topic once before, but I have seen it coming up repeatedly on different social media groups. Questions about what is and isn’t legal, people asking about having a friend of family member handing them water bottles during a race, what is drafting, is it okay to wear someone else’s bib number,… Continue reading Another Blog On Know The Rules

Annette Rivera – Toughman Puerto Rico Race Director

-Where are you from? I’m from Cabo Rojo, PR, a small town with spectacular beaches in the southwest region of the island, next to Mayaguez city, where the venue is going to be held. -What sports and position did you play in school? At school I played volleyball as a setter. -Where did you go… Continue reading Annette Rivera – Toughman Puerto Rico Race Director

Make A Plan And Stick With It

Sometimes, when it comes to training, education and/or work, we forget to stick the plan and stay confident that the plan will work. We sit at our desk or kitchen table and we put this grand plan together to support the goals that we spent a month making. Sometimes we build the plan by ourselves… Continue reading Make A Plan And Stick With It

Goals and Goal Setting?

Goal setting is very important no matter if you are talking about your education; work, exercise, life or whatever is ahead of you. Many years ago, in 1993 when I was stationed at Fort Knox with the 194th Separate Armor Brigade, we got a new Battalion Command Sergeant Major (CSM). For those of you with… Continue reading Goals and Goal Setting?