Did you know…? 7 quirky facts about Challenge Roth

This weekend one of the most famous triathlons in the world takes place, Challenge Roth. And to celebrate, here are 7 quirky facts about Roth that you perhaps didn’t know… Posted: 4 July 2019by Debbie Graham Numbers and records define Challenge Roth. Thousands of triathletes take part every year and it sells out in minutes.… Continue reading Did you know…? 7 quirky facts about Challenge Roth

Cedar Point Full Triathlon Relay (Bike Leg) – 11 Sept 2016

On Saturday, September 10th, I rode up to Cedar Point with Kevin Petty, after we watched my son run in the largest cross country meet in the country (a different blog on that later). It was an uneventful ride up to the race expo. The skies were getting dark as we approached Sandusky, and the… Continue reading Cedar Point Full Triathlon Relay (Bike Leg) – 11 Sept 2016

15 – 21 August Training Summary

This was a recover/taper week for yet another Olympic distance triathlon. This was to be my last triathlon of the season, I have the bike leg of Cedar Point full distance triathlon in three weeks and my season will be completed. I was scheduled to the Toughman National Championship the Toughman New York do to… Continue reading 15 – 21 August Training Summary

Some Thoughts and Quotes

“To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift.” Quote by Steve Prefontaine Have you ever wondered what the hardest, or most physically taxing thing you could do with the gifts you were given? I have often wondered if I have done my best as far as speed, distance, or difficulty of… Continue reading Some Thoughts and Quotes

Ohio State Cycling Time Trial Post Race Report

Saturday the 16th of July was spent traveling to my in-laws, just south of Cleveland, for a couple of reasons. The most important reason was to spend the weekend there for my son’s 14th birthday, which was on Sunday and the other reason was that their house is only 45 minutes from the Ohio State… Continue reading Ohio State Cycling Time Trial Post Race Report

11 – 17 July Weekly Training Summary

On paper this past week looked like an easy week, not a lot of miles logged, but what miles were logged were hard miles. Three days of logged training, but two of those days were super hard efforts during short hard time trials on the bike. The other day that I logged mileage was in… Continue reading 11 – 17 July Weekly Training Summary

13 – 19 June Training Summary

Not a great week for racing, recovery or tapering, but it was a fun week. I think I did manage to get some good speed work in on the bike. Now to build a good plan to fix my run and swim and keep what I got on the bike. Swim                                1 session            .83 miles           … Continue reading 13 – 19 June Training Summary

Another Blog On Know The Rules

I posted on this topic once before, but I have seen it coming up repeatedly on different social media groups. Questions about what is and isn’t legal, people asking about having a friend of family member handing them water bottles during a race, what is drafting, is it okay to wear someone else’s bib number,… Continue reading Another Blog On Know The Rules