Why You Should Race And Support Grassroot Events

Here is one more reason, why racing and supporting grassroot races and race company is the best. In November, my wife got me a Christmas present. She signed me up for the American Triple T, one of the signature events held by HFP Racing. My bike training was coming along great and my run training was starting to come along, as well. I had plan on start my swim training this month. I have done the American Triple T, on the old course, three times in the past. I really enjoy the event and was looking forward to the race.

I took a new job on the 1st of April, working 2nd shift with my off days being Thursdays and Fridays. This means I would not have off days for the American Triple T, and having to go to work at 3pm on Sundays, I need my races to be close to home and a shorter distance so I could do the race and get to work on time.

I emailed HFP Racing, and thankfully they understand the life of a normal age-grouper. Two days later the company emailed me back and took the race fee for the Triple T and transferred to the other shorter races they run. This would never have happened with a big brand race company, and it’s one of the many reasons Logan and I have and will continue to do HFP races.

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