Another look at time management

People avoid the term time management in conversation and plan building, but it is a primary function in the daily lives of everyone, whether you are training for a race or event, going to school, working on a project at work, or running a household. I have talked about making a plan, sticking to a plan, making goals and being consistent, but none of these subjects can happen without time management. I am sure most everyone has received a lecture of some sort on time management, whether in school, church, or from parents or a coach. I received the training several times from a lot of different people, an in my opinion, it is over simplified with: I am not saying the video or ones like it are wrong, I just think it tries to oversimplify a complex subject.

I once attended training on the subject, while assigned as a station commander in the Cleveland Recruiting Battalion, and it was the most different time management class that I had ever attended. The training really made sense to me, and I hope it makes sense to everyone who reads this blog.

Step 1: Take a blank sheet of sheet of paper and write down everything that has to be done in a week. Along with the activities, write down how long each task takes.


Step 2: Make a chart with the days of the week and hours of the day on it. I like to break it down in 30 minute blocks or 15 minute blocks, depending on what I have going on that week.

time management 1

Step 3: Block off the times of the day for activities that have to happen (sleep, work, eating, travel and etc.).

time management 2

Step 4: Block off the times of the day for activities that you will have to do (take children to school, pick children up from activities and etc.).

time management 3

Step 5: Block off the times of the day for training, studying, or whatever you are trying to accomplish during this week or month.

time management 4

Step 6: Block off the time for activities that are fun to do, but don’t have to happen or whatever time is left is free time.

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