My Son’s Collection

Logan won the 15-16 age group Ohio State Cycling Time Trial Champion this year. Last year, he wont he 13-14 age group. This year race was a little closer than last year.


10 thoughts on “My Son’s Collection

    1. Thank you very much and yes this morning it was closer than I like. He finished 5 minutes behind me. He started the triathlon several waves ahead of me and when I caught him on the bike leg I thought it would be the last time I would see him. 2 miles into the he passed me looking strong and I could not stay with him, luckily my bike leg is still stronger than his.

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      1. Haha My hb is a keen cyclist but he can no longer do rides with our son and grandson who leave him standing within minutes! It doesn’t help that he avoids hills, our son is a mad climber and regularly does 100m rides – he even managed to include a ride up one of the Cols of that year’s Tour de France during his honeymoon πŸ˜„ Our grandson is an outdoor pursuits leader, specialising in canoeing and climbing, he doesn’t cycle so often but still leaves his grandad behind and has done since he was 13! It won’t be long now…

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