Third Straight Podium: Toughman 70.3 MN 2015 Race Report

Here is a great race report for Toughman MN 70.3 2015.

Craig Moscetti

My confidence was riding high after back-to-back 1st place finishes in my first two triathlons this year (Trinona and Minneapolis). Thus far this year I had a fantastic stretch of training this spring where I built a solid base for the year. I focused a ton on my cycling and swimming. There was a stretch where I put in around 18-20 hours per week, swam 20k yards per week, and about 200-250 miles in the saddle.

If nothing else, the absolute key for me this year has been consistency. With a lot of life things figuring themselves out, and a lot less traveling, I’ve been able to really build.

And it’s all starting to pay off. At the Minneapolis Triathlon two weeks ago, I clocked my first sub 2:10 Olympic distance time. So, I finally feel I’m in a place where I’m seriously contending for the podium each race.


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