USAT Rule 7.2 Placement of Equipment

USAT Rule 7.2 Placement of Equipment. All participants shall place equipment only in the properly designated and individually assigned bicycle corral and shall at all times keep their equipment confined to such properly designated areas. Any violation of this Section shall result in a variable time penalty.

There are a lot of rules in triathlon, and most are not very hard to follow. This rule is really easy to follow, but many do not follow it. Transition area is just that, an area to transition from one discipline to the next in triathlons, duathlons, aquabikes, aquathons, and etc. The purpose of the area is to hold the equipment the athlete needs to compete in the event.

 Each athlete should have the same amount of space at an event. The size of the transition area and the number of athletes setting up determines how big of an area each athlete gets. Of all of the multi-sports events I have been to, I have never been to one that did not give enough room to each athlete.

The reason I am writing this blog is to encourage you think about what you are taking into the transition area. I take my running shoes, cycling shoes, helmet, bike, whatever bars and gels I need, and water bottles. What I don’t take is a bucket or box to sit on, towels, a change of clothes and the kitchen sink.

Practice your transitions to see what you do need in the transition and what you don’t need. It keeps the transition area clean, allowing easier entrance and exit of the transition area. Plus, you will see that saving one or two minutes in the transition time of your multi-sport events might help you get a new personal best.

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