Getting Back On Track In 2017

I realized sometime this summer, that I have been telling people that I ran a 3 hour 25-minute marathon. This is not a lie, but what I realized is that I have been saying this for almost 20 years now. I ran the Berlin Marathon in 1998 at the age of 28 in 3 hours 25 minutes and some change. I have decided that after almost 20 years, I should stop telling people that, and get off my backside and do something.

I sat down this morning and went over some past race results. I have been racing half and full Ironman distance events since 2011 and my results have bounced around. Instead of steadily getting faster or slower, I have been and then fast one race, than slower the next. I stay fairly competitive, but I should be getting either faster or slower, not bouncing back and forth.

I am currently working on putting next year’s plan together. I am not sure if I will even do a marathon or a full Ironman race next year, but whatever I do I plan to be more consistent in my finishing times. Like others I have talked to, staying consistent in training and racing while juggling all of life’s responsivities is challenging for me. An important thing for me to remember is that my family is on board and I can do what I need to do. This past week I have start the dreaded food log and counting my daily calorie intake. I started picking up the training not to full training load, but by the first of November I will have a race plan for 2017 and my training plan in stone.

My splits and finish time for Berlin Marathon 1998:

5KM 21:22

20KM 1:30:16

First Half 1:35:47

Second Half 1:49:54

Finish Time 3:25:43

Clock Time 3:29:43  It took five minutes to get to the start line with 25,000 people at the start line for the Berlin Marathon

I finish 4063 out of 21004 finishers


5 thoughts on “Getting Back On Track In 2017

  1. I started running back in the late 80’s. Yesterday at the 2016 Chicago Marathon, a week away from turning 53 years old, I set a new PR of 3:25:08. You certainly can achieve that goal, because I have learned from your posts that you have a good understanding of training. Just don’t lose 14 minutes in the second half!

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