19 – 25 September Training Summary

Yesterday, I realized that I had not ridden my bike all week. I logged zero miles this week. I went back in my training log to see when this had happened last, and it hadn’t happened since the middle of February, and it was because I was sick. This week and last week were low training weeks due to my new work schedule. I have been working at two different YMCAs; this and other family activities have limited the time available for training. In addition to the change of schedule, September has historically been a bad training month for me. The last three years, I have done the full distance triathlon at Cedar Point, in one capacity or another. It’s been my last event of the season for those three years, and has left me with little drive to log a crap load of miles and hours.

My plan is to start back with some good base training, starting tomorrow. This winter I am going to focus on getting in some good swim training in addition to some focused strength training. I know there are a lot of posts out there saying that base training is not needed, but I do a lot of base miles in the winter and early spring because it allows me to recover faster between races. It’s the same thing with strength training; there are a lot of people who say that strength training is unnecessary, but I like the variety it adds to my routine, and it also allows for faster recovery during race season.

19-25 sept training.png

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