Interview with Rory – Returning from illness and working towards the 1000 marathon goal

Here is a nice article by Marathon Marcus with Coach Rory, it shows why it is important to have self-confidence and have faith in yourself first. For more great blogs articles like this follow this blog site.

Marathon Marcus

After my sixth marathon In Berlin 2010 I was frustrated that I hadn’t broken a sub four hour marathon, and I didn’t see myself as a “proper runner”. My weight never dropped below 91kg and I felt I needed help. Frustrated, I wanted to make a change so I (MM) worked with Rory (RC) a performance coach in 2011. One of the first things he made me do was to look into the mirror and tell myself that I was as an athlete. I learnt from that day that self belief is the base, from which you have to work from. Under his training I lost weight and started to see my potential as a “proper runner” with my times improving.

As of the date of publishing this blog Rory has completed, 976 Marathons, 241 ULTRA-marathons, 9 Guinness World Records and 13 Marathon des Sables (MdS).

Rory was diagnosed with…

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