RAW 2016, 10 questions for Sylvia Maas

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Sylvia Maas, finisher Raw in 3 d 11 h 15 m . Click here for her race!

  1. How many hours of sleep did you do during RAW?
    I took 2 one hour sleep breaks.
  2. What was the most beautiful during the day crossed up in Durango?
    My favorite part of the ride was from Kayenta to the Colorado state line.
  3. And exciting time?
    Probably when I got to Kayenta and I knew I had plenty of time to finish.
  4. The most difficult moment?
    The most difficult times of the race were the wee hours of the night when it was all I could do to stay awake
  5. Have you ever thought about giving up?
    I never thought about giving up.
  6. A special dedication?
    I dedicated the ride to a colleague who very recently died of an aggressive brain tumor and my dog of 15 years, Allie, who died 3 weeks before the race.
  7. So you are planning to ride the RAW or RAAM in 2017?
    No RAW or RAAM next year. I plan on doing Race Across Oregon next summer and I also will be playing basketball in Senior Olympics next June.
  8. What part of the US you prefer?
    Gee, i guess my favorite part of the race much have been the 4+ miles of chip but not sealed road in Colorado. I especially loved all the dust and flying gravel from the locals that were speeding by…
  9. A suggestioni for those who plan to participate in the Race Across America?
    Train hard, do multiple overnight training sessions. also, train with your crew and make sure all your crew really understands their role and how important they are to the success of the race.
  10. That bike model you used?
    TREK – silque

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