Further expansion in Latin America as TOUGHMAN Argentina unveiled

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The TOUGHMAN series has unveiled a new location in Rosario, Argentina – further expanding the TOUGHMAN brand in Latin America following recently confirmed events in Costa Rica, Mexico and Chile to accompany the TOUGHMAN Puerto Rico event.

TOUGHMAN Argentina will take place on 5 February 2017 in Rosario, central Argentina. The event venue is 300km (186 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires. Expanding to Argentina is seen as a natural progression for the TOUGHMAN brand. According to a release from TOUGHMAN, ‘Rosario is a great location for a half iron race being less than 2 hours away from Buenos Aires.’ The organiser adds that ‘Having races in Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Chile opens the door to having a Pan American Championship with TOUGHMAN Chile as the focus for 2017.’

The TOUGHMAN series is now across 18 locations in North and South America with ‘more locations and more exciting partnerships being announced for 2017.’

TOUGHMAN founder Richard Izzo said “The way forward for all independent brands is to join a brand like us so that as a unit we can give the athletes a standard, safe, great race experience as well as attract major sponsorships to support each race through our increased leverage. For 2016 we have partnerships with Polar, Orca, Clif Bar, Altra and a worldwide partner for coaching in Trisutto (that will attract another type of athlete to our races for 2017).”

He continued, “Having a New York Championship event as the goal for racers to qualify to race makes racing a bit more exciting. Over 100 age group qualifiers from each race will receive invitations for the TOUGHMAN Half Iron International Championship on 18 September in New York where they will compete for a cash purse of US$4950. Athletes in the open division will compete for over US$30,000 worth of awards.”


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