15 – 21 August Training Summary

This was a recover/taper week for yet another Olympic distance triathlon. This was to be my last triathlon of the season, I have the bike leg of Cedar Point full distance triathlon in three weeks and my season will be completed. I was scheduled to the Toughman National Championship the Toughman New York do to some scheduling conflicts I will not be going. As for the week training I was happier with this taper than I have been with the other tapers this season. The Olympic distance triathlon yesterday, is a different story. We got the park a little behind schedule, but in more than enough time for me and my son to get our packets and setup transition. The swim course was changed and shorten do to the wind and waves, I have swim in higher winds and waves, but I was very happy the Race Director made the call to change it. I got out of the water feeling good, changed out of the wetsuit and got ready to ride the bike leg. Within one minute of coming out of transition, I notice the bike was handling odd and there was a noise coming from the front. I looked now and seen the front tire was flat as a pancake. I coasted to the side and got off the bike and walked away calmly my day was over. My son won his age group for the mini-triathlon and 3rd out of 63 total mini-triathlon athletes. Below will be the breakdown of the miles and training sessions.

Week 8 – 14 August

Type                Sessions                                  Mileage                                   Time

Swim                           3                                  1.57 miles                   56 Minutes and 13 Seconds

Bike                            4                                  47.09 Miles                 2 Hours and 34 Minutes

Run                             5                                  13.43 Miles                 1 Hours and 50 Minutes

Total                            14                                62.25                           5 Hours and 24 Minutes

15-21 aug.png

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