Toughman 70.3 2016!

Here is a great post race report of another great Toughman event. Follow this blog, this coach has great insight on how to train and race triathlons.


This past Sunday was the Toughman 70.3 distance Triathlon in Chisago, MN. This was a featured race on the calendar for the year and it was exciting because some of the athletes I coach were doing this distance for the first time at this event. 

Training had been going great, those athletes I coach and I were bonding and having a blast as we got in shape for this race. As to me the journey and time spent training with your friends is really what is so special, the race is like the icing on the cake! But a couple weeks out from race day one of the crew was racing in the MPLS Triathlon an Olympic distance race when during the bike portion she got into a serious bike crash and was lifted to HCMC and emergency surgery was performed to remove bleeding around the brain and her concussion…

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