7 – 14 August Training Summary

Some good mileage this week, it feels good to be getting some good runs and rides in again. What I thought was stomach cramps from the Olympic distance triathlon that I dropped out of after the swim last Sunday, turned out to be sometime of flu or sinus infection. I have been fighting it all week with clogged sinus, headache, muscle aches and lack of energy. Not quite the week I wanted but happy with the running. Below will be the breakdown of the miles and training sessions.

Week 8 – 14 August

Type                Sessions                                  Mileage                                   Time

Swim                           3                                  3000 Yards                  54 Minutes and 19 Seconds

Bike                            4                                  114.07 Miles               5 Hours and 19 Minutes

Run                             7                                  30.23 Miles                 4 Hours and 21 Minutes

Total                            14                                146                              10 Hours and 36 Minutes

7 -14 aug training summary

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