Why the glutes are important for runners

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Marcus Runs

Balance, stability and strength are vital in running. There are many key areas for runners to consider such as strong abs, strong quads etc. etc. But one of the key areas, which is often overlooked is developing strength in the glutes.

Putting vanity to the side, the glutes are important for running because, they allow you to maintain a steady and level pelvis, which allows extension of the hip, for forward propulsion. It is this that keeps your body in line (torso, pelvis and legs). So if you have weak glutes, your entire structure is compromised, which means your body will overcompensate and try and maintain ‘balance’. This results in injuries and in my case a nagging hip strain.

After seeing my physiotherapist Rush Savla at R&D Physio I’m aware that strength in your glutes aid’s stability and strength in running. If your stability is compromised, then your body will…

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