18 – 24 July Training Summary

Some good mileage this week, it feels good to be getting some good runs and rides in again. I still need to get in the pool more, at least I did get a few swims in this week. Total miles for the week was 188.98 Miles, below will be the breakdown of the miles and training sessions.

Type                   Sessions                                         Mileage                            Time

Swim                                4                                        2.3 Miles                          1 Hour and 15 Minutes

Bike                                   6                                        171.13 Miles                    8 Hours and 2 Minutes

Run                                   5                                        15.55 Miles                      2 Hours and 34 Minutes

Strength Training            3                                                                                  1 Hour and 30 Minutes

Total                                 18                                      188.98 Miles                    13 Hours and 22 Minutes

You can follow me on Strava or Garmin Connect as well.

18 - 24 Jul training

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