Blue Streak Time Trial #4 Post Race Report

Blue Streak Time Trial #4 Tuesday night, Logan and I did the race was on the same course as the last three months, but the heat and wind made it a different race all together. Cycling is funny that way, you can ride and race the same course day after day and it ban be totally different. Throw in some good heat and strong winds and the race changes, even in a short time trial like this. The course is 10-miles of almost completely pancake flatness, going out 5.2 miles and then make a 180 degree turn around, racing back the same road for 4.8 miles to the finish. Riders take off every 30 seconds in bib number order, making it easy to see who you are catching or being caught by.

We made the trip down to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base with little or no problems, that is after we turned around and went back to the house to get the base pass that I left on the printer. We got there about 5:20pm and got our bib numbers and start time. Normally we get there about 4:45pm allowing us to get early start times, but this time were bib numbers 76 and 77, with starting times 6:37:30pm and 6:38pm. Logan started in front of me this time, last month I went first.

We chatted about the course and the winds before we started. There would be a tailwind at first, and then cross-headwind turning into a headwind before the turn around, and the reverse on the return route. This is due to the course wrapping around the airfield in a crescent shape. Logan took a bottle of water and I did not. I ride without water on the shorter time trials and ride with two peppermint disk candies in my mouth to keep my mouth moist during the race.

I pushed hard on the pedals on the way out average 26 mph for the first 5 miles. I looked down at my legs at about mile 3 and I had so much sweat coming off of me, I looked like I just got out of the pool. Sweat was running down my face and into my eyes, and my aero helmet visor was covered in sweat. After the turn around, you climb what little incline there is. I averaged 23.8 mph on the return 5 miles. This gave me a finish time of 24:02.8 an average of 25 mph. My Garmin file is a little different because I hit the button during the countdown to start, and again once I crossed the finish line. This was .2 mph slower than last month, but like I said the temperature and wind were rougher. I should have pushed harder on the return, but overall I am very happy with the average time and overall time.

I average 25 mph, with a time of 24:02.8, finishing 5th out of 11 in my age group and 36th out of 113 total racers. This puts me about where I wanted to be for my training at this time. Sunday is the Ohio State Time Trial Championship (17.1-mile time trial) in Deerfield, Ohio. Two Olympic distance triathlons in August, the bike leg of the Cedar Point Full distance triathlon relay, and Toughman New York on September 18, 2016 is, at this time, the end of the season.

blue streak #4 garmin fileblue streak #4 results

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