4 – 10 July Training Summary

Some good mileage this week, not as good as last week. I got talked into doing a 5km, first actual 5km races since November of 1999, for charity. I had to take Tuesday as a sort of recovery day to recover from it and missed my ride on Tuesday,, Friday had a doctor appointment in Toledo which ended up taking up most of my Friday drive there and back. Total miles for the week was 220.99, is week will be a lot less miles do to a Tuesday night 10-mile bike Time Trial (Blue Streak #4) and on Sunday Ohio State Bike Time Trial Championship (17.1mile time trial) in Deerfield, Ohio. Breakdown of the miles and training sessions.

Type                Sessions                                  Mileage                                   Time

Swim                           0                                 

Bike                            5                                  202.37 Miles               9 Hours and 42 Minutes

Run                             6                                  18.63 Miles                 2 Hours and 24 Minutes

Strength Training        0                                                                     

Total                            11                                220.99 Miles               12 Hours and 6 Minutes

4 - 10 Jul training.png

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