20 – 26 June Training Summary

Not exactly the week I had planned, I wanted more mileage on the bike, a little more on the run and not swimming this week was not the plan. I am happy with the training I got, I always am. Little bit of pain in my calves this week, I think it is from not taking Monday completing off. Back in the gym lifting in mornings and doing some good stride work and stretching before running with the middle school youth on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Below is the breakdown:

Event                           Sessions          Miles                           Time spent training

Swim                           0                                  0                                  0

Cycling                       3                      140.91 miles               6 hours 41 minutes

Running                      6                      19.21 miles                 2 hours 33 minutes

Strength Training        5                                                          3 hours

Total                            15                    160.12 miles               12 hours 14 minutes

20 - 26 jun training summary.png


5 thoughts on “20 – 26 June Training Summary

      1. I don’t really use the Connect suite, all it’s there for in my eyes to is up load to Strava. This might change when i start to focus my training more around my new power meter instead of the pain in my back.

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  1. I use Strava as well, I like the groups better on Strava than Garmin Connect. I used a power meter up to this March, I changed cranks on my Tri Bike and the vector pedals wont fit, I like Training Peaks and Garmin Connect for the power meter data. I think each of the different programs has there pros and cons. Hope your back gets better soon.


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