Summary Of Training For 6 June Through 12 June

Training summary for 6 June through 12 June, got a total of 13 sessions in for a total of 191.1 miles and 12hours and 30 minutes of training time, this is about 40 miles less than last week. Most do to the weather, the wind was really crazy here last week, and a travel day to Cleveland. Below is the breakdown.


Swim:                         3 Sessions                   2.56 miles                   1 hour 22 minutes

Bike:                           5 Sessions                   160.97 miles               7 hours 25 minutes

Run:                            5 Sessions                   27.58 miles                 3 hours 42 minutes

Strength Training      Zero my training partner, my wife, was out of town.

Next week, I plan on some time in the pool, running and on the bike, but I have two races, mainly a recovery slash taper week. 1 day until next time trial on the bike in Dayton, Ohio and 6 days until Olympic distance triathlon at Maumee, Ohio.

6-12 june training.png


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