Execution Of The Plan

noun: execution

the carrying out or putting into effect of a plan, order, or course of action.

“he was fascinated by the entire operation and its execution”

synonyms: implementation, carrying out, accomplishment, bringing off/about, engineering, attainment, realization

“the execution of the plan”

Several years ago, while on recruiting duty for the United States Army Recruiting Command, I used to listen to a book on CD titled Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done  by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan. It was a good book, and the main idea was basically that when you have a problem, the biggest issue when solving the problem, is actually execution of the plan. You can analyze the problem and make a plan to fix it, but if you can’t execute the plan, your problem doesn’t get solved.

When it comes to endurance training, most people do not have a problem looking at past training or analyzing their fitness test and using the data to build a plan. The problem typically lies in execution of the plan. It is understandable that day to day “stuff” can get in the way of some training sessions, but it is what we do to account for these things and still execute the plan, that matters.

This goes back to the post I wrote on planning. Make a solid plan after you do your best to account for everything that regularly appear in your daily life. Make a plan that is realistic for you to do, so that you can commit to it. Find a way or get someone to assist in keeping you accountable for your daily and weekly training sessions and goals.

What is your take on execution?

What helps you find success when it comes to executing the plan that you or your coach put together?



4 thoughts on “Execution Of The Plan

  1. In training, consistent execution of the plan tends to come from committing to when and how each session is to be executed. I hate to go back to say ‘plan’ but this is more of an execution plan for each session, rather than a training structure. Given the right amount of time and being in the right place makes execution much easier and distractions harder to justify.
    Race day execution can often be supported by the athlete staying in the moment, not panicking if things are slightly awry. That presence of mind can allow the athlete to move smoothly into plan B and plan C without having a meltdown, staying in execution mode and finishing as well as they are able on the day .

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  2. For me execution comes when I’m doing something I enjoy. I love weight training but hate cardio. So in order to wake up in the morning to workout I make sure to do some kind of weight training before cardio. That way Im excited to get up and the cardio gets done because I’m already up and pumped. Great post. I’ll have to find that book!

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    1. Thank you, I am the opposite. I love cardio and only do strength training because my wife loves it and we train together most of the time in the mornings. I do cardio before I lift, for the same reason you lift before you do cardio. Thanks once again for the comment.


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