Another Blog On Know The Rules

I posted on this topic once before, but I have seen it coming up repeatedly on different social media groups. Questions about what is and isn’t legal, people asking about having a friend of family member handing them water bottles during a race, what is drafting, is it okay to wear someone else’s bib number, and many other questions about race day rules.

The other day I was at a triathlon and I heard a lady ask the race director why she was given a penalty, and she was amazed to learn that using a phone to listen to music is not allowed. Around this same time, I was reading posts on a Facebook group and saw a picture of 10-15 bikes at a penalty tent, for drafting, blocking, or passing on the wrong side during the race.

Please, take the time to read the rules for the event that you are racing in. It is important to remember that each event can have their own rules, in addition to the rules of the governing body of the event. For example, USAT does not require you to wear a shirt if you are a male athlete, but there are many races that are USAT sanctioned the require all athletes to wear a shirt on the course. This is mainly due to the fact that many run courses go through residential areas, and local law requires shirts. This is just one example. Listen, it takes just a few minutes to read the rules, and it can save you and others a lot of grief. I’ve never understood spending money on a race and not taking the time to be up to speed on all the details.


4 thoughts on “Another Blog On Know The Rules

  1. A great point reiterated there Wayne.
    While North America has enough races to last you a lifetime, those that venture to Europe will find that almost all races require the athlete to be fully clothed at all times. The local race rules of a 70.3 I raced last week, prevented the tri suit being unzipped at all. As you say, reading the rules and attending the pre-race briefing is essential.

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