Annette Rivera – Toughman Puerto Rico Race Director

-Where are you from?

I’m from Cabo Rojo, PR, a small town with spectacular beaches in the southwest region of the island, next to Mayaguez city, where the venue is going to be held.

-What sports and position did you play in school?

At school I played volleyball as a setter.

-Where did you go to College?

UPR at Mayaguez Campus for my BS, Texas Woman’s University for my MS, and working on my PhD, online at FUNIBER.

-Did you play sports in College?

Yes, I played college volleyball

-When and where did you start doing triathlon? I did my first triathlon in August 2010, it was in Puerto Rico- “Trialo de Dorado”.

-How many sprints, Olympic, half ironman, and ironman have you done?

Over 20 sprints, one Olympic, one half ironman.

-Can you give us a list of the races you have done, finish time and place, big race results (like podium finishes, qualifying for nationals or worlds)?

Trialo de Dorado (3 times, two times first place 40-44 age group, and one time in second place overall), Trialo de Isla Verde (3 times, twice age group champion 40-44, and one time second place overall), Trialo de Añasco (3 times age group champion), Trialo de Mayaguez (3 timesage group champion), Trialo de Rincón (2 times, second place age group with time 1:19hr), Trialo de Toa Baja (1 time age group champion), Tri-Chicas (3 times; two times age group champion, and a third place overall nationals), Tri for Life (1 time, overall winner), ITU World Championship 2012 (1 time, 80th age group position), San Juan 70.3 Half Ironman 2013 (1 time), Trialo de Joyuda (1 tim;, 2,000m swim, 40mile bike, 10 mile run, time 4:40hr), Parguera Challenge (1 time- second overall).

In all sprints had an average time between 1:20-1:30hr.

-What is your favorite distance to race?


-What is your favorite race?

Local race, Trialo de Rincón.

-Besides triathlon what other sports you do?

Paddleboard, mountain bike

-How did you get into being a race director?

What are some or all of the races you work as the race director or assist in directing? Not many venues around here for women only. That was my inspiration for my first race as a director: “Mujeres al Combate” in Combate beach, Cabo Rojo, PR.  I also directed “Trialo de Ceiba”; assisted in directing Trialo de Joyuda, and directing the first SupBikeRun in the west hemisphere: The Contender SupBikeRun, in La Parguera, Lajas, PR. This unique triathlon includes paddleboard, cycling, and running.

-What is your philosophy, mission, or vision as a race director?

Promote events where both experienced athletes and beginners can push themselves to their limits, encouraging above all a healthy environment where everyone, including friends and family members can share and enjoy.

-Tell us all you wish to tell about yourself?

I’m a passionate mother of three teenagers who loves sports and outdoor living.  Always try to be involved in all my children’s activities and promote them to do sports so we can enjoy a healthy life all together.

-What races and/or events are you planning on doing in 2016?

Directing “The Contender SupBikeRun” this coming July 10th, 2016. Doing Trialo de Dorado in August, Parguera Challenge in September, and Trialo de Mayaguez in December,

-Link to all your social media site so people can read more about you and follow you?

Garmin Connect:




Linkedin: Public Profile

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