April 2016 Training Summary

The beginning of April wasn’t much different from the rest of the month, weather wise. We would have one or two really nice days to enjoy the outdoors, and then five or six days in a row of not so nice days. There was a lot more inside days than one would expect from April, especially after such a mild winter. Between the 1st and 3rd of April, I did manage to get in 30 minutes of weight training, 13.25 miles of running, and 19 miles on the trainer, for a total of 37 miles for the first week of the month. This is not the start that I wanted. I should’ve planned some treadmill runs at the gym, as well as some time in the pool.

april wk1

 The second week of April was better, as far as cycling. I was running and swimming, but still struggled to get in what I wanted. Between April 4th and 10th, I got in 2 hours and 15 minutes of strength training, 10.65 miles of running, 114.25 miles of cycling, and 1.73 miles of swimming, for a grand total of 126.63 miles of training.

april wk2


April 11th to 17th was a good week for cycling. I got in some good miles, but as I tend to do when the weather is nice, I spent too much time on the bike and not enough time in the water. I got 1 hour of strength training, 19.09 miles of running, 170.27 miles of cycling, and no swimming at all, for a total of 189.36 miles of training. I have to be aware of getting too many miles on the bike, while abandoning the run and swim training.

april wk3


From April 18th to the 24th, I achieved a little more balance. I still favored the bike over running and swimming. I got 2 hours of strength training, 7.4 miles of running, 148.38 miles of cycling, and 1.85 miles of swimming, for a total of 157.64 miles of training. Even though I didn’t swim or run as much as I thought I should’ve, my pace on both was faster than during last year’s training.

april wk4


The short fifth week of April, the 25th to the 30th, I did better with swimming and running. I got a long bike ride in the beginning of the week, and that was nice. I also had a long training ride on the last day of the month, but I was frozen when I got home. It was cold and it ended up on raining on me. I got 15 minutes of strength training, 15.8 miles of running, 137.3 miles of cycling, and 3.74 miles of swimming, for a total of 166.85 miles of training.

april wk5

When comparing this month to previous years, I got more running this month compared to last April. In April of 2015 I ran 60.94 miles, but this month I ran 66.27 miles. Last month I ran 101.38 miles, and this is because this month I over focused on the bike, losing some balance in my training. Last year my running was down in April because of a knee injury, and this year I have had a little bit of pain in my shins and just below my left knee. The good news is that the knee pain from last year is better. I do have some regular aches and pains due to patella tendinitis in both knees. I will need to get some good, solid miles in over the next ten days, without overdoing it and risking a last minute injury. Then I will start my taper for Toughman Indiana on the 21st of May.

I am very happy with the miles on the bike when comparing April 2016 to April 2015, as well as last month. I logged 589.2 miles on the bike this month and in April of 2015 I logged 327.56 miles. Last month I was able to get in 433.36 miles on the bike. I am also very happy with the speed of the miles, when comparing previous years. I will really have to focus on staying strong and not losing any of my bike fitness as I turn up the run and swim miles over the next 10 days. Around April 1st I switched to the standard crank, from the modified compact crank. I now have 53T in the front, compared to the 52T I was running the previous months and years. I plan on switching to a 55T later tonight or tomorrow to see how it feels over the next 10 days, before committing to ride it at Toughman Indiana, later this month.

I’m not as happy with my swimming over the last 30 days, but the problem is making the time to just get in the pool and swim. I am happy that my speed per 100 yards has increased. I was swimming 2:13 per 100 yards at the beginning of the year, and I am currently swimming 1:52 per 100 yards during my training sessions. I only swam 8.17 miles this month but in April of 2015 I swam 14.74 miles. In March of this year I swam 13.64 miles. My plan until Toughman Indiana is to swim four or five times a week until race day. I do need a solid swim to set me up on the bike and run.

My focus right now is Toughman Indiana, which is my first triathlon of the year. When I get home from that race I will have a few weeks before my next race which is an Olympic distance triathlon in Maumee, Ohio.



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