Joel Hinckley – Toughman Utah Race Director

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Utah, just outside of Salt Lake, but have lived in Vermont, Pittsburgh, PA, and Norway.

What sports and position did you play in school?

In High School I was a Cross Country Runner, Middle-Distance Track, and Basketball, played small forward and power forward. Ran the mile in 4:37 as a sophomore and never got any faster – shin splints.

Where did you go to College?

University of Utah for Undergrad – Two Master’s Degrees at the University of Pittsburgh

Did you play sports in College?


When and where did you start doing triathlon?

Spudman triathlon in 2008 was the first one.

What is your favorite distance to race?


What is your favorite race?

Besides the Toughman Utah Half? My favorite event is the Salem Spring Triathlon

Besides triathlon what other sports you do?

I went from competing in Triathlons to putting them on in only a couple of short years and as such didn’t really super crazy into competing – I still enjoy basketball, and I run regularly for fitness, never have time for cycling because I have 7 kids, and I swim from time-to-time. My favorite sports these days are watching my kids play them – I have a high school athlete who does the same sports I did and even plays the same positions, a son going in to High school next year who does Soccer and Basketball, a daughter who plays competitive soccer, my younger children all compete in whatever sport is in season. Everyone that can swim has done a triathlon, so that only leaves out my 2-year-old and 5-year-old.

How did you get into being a race director? What are some or all of the races you work as the race director or assist in directing?

I had been racing for a year or two and became aware of an event company that was for sale – I thought it would be a fun side job and a way to get deeper into my new hobby. We bought that company and have acquired a couple of other events since.

Our race schedule every year is as follows:

Early Spring: The Ice Breaker – in American Fork, UT usually the last weekend in March – pool swim.

Salem Spring Triathlon – In Salem Utah, the weekend before Memorial Day weekend. Best sprint distance event in Utah.

The Rock Cliff Tri at Jordanelle – closest one to my house in Heber city Utah – both Sprint and Olympic Options – probably the prettiest course in the state.

The Toughman Utah Half – longest event on the Wasatch Front (Salt Lake to Provo). Fastest and Flattest half course in the west.

The Escape from Black Ridge – Sprint and Olympic point to point triathlon in Herriman Utah.

The Camp Yuba Classic – End of year bash – overnight campout – rural course with very few cars – best race of the year. Sprint and Olympic Options.

What is your philosophy, mission, or vision as a race director?

Philosophy? Mission? Vision? – We just want to have a good time and make sure the athletes are having a good time as well. We believe we put on the best events in the state and have a pretty loyal following attesting to that. No RaceTri Event is complete without a pre-race speech from my partner Aaron Shamy – usually accompanied by some zaniness or a dive into the pool, lake or pone where the swim will take place.

Name and link to your coaching and race site?

Link to all your social media site so people can read more about you and follow you?



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