Jason Chance – Triathlete, Coach, and Race Director

When and where were you born?

I was born in Easton, Maryland in 1976

What sports and position did you play in school?

In High School I mainly focused on wrestling. I dabbled in Tennis and Soccer a little, but found my passion on the mat.

Where did you go to College?

I started at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA but transferred up to Salisbury State University (at the time) and completed by B.S in Biology in 1998. I would later go to Wilmington University and earn my Masters in Administration

Did you play sports in College?

I wrestled in college and I was a cheerleader, performing stunts and throws with my female counterparts.

When and where did you start doing triathlon?

I started doing triathlon in 2008 and started with one of our local Sprints, the Nanticoke Triathlon outside of Salisbury, Maryland. After the first finish line, I was hooked

How many sprints, Olympic, half ironman, and ironman have you done?

PROBABLY 24 sprints, 4 Olympics, 8 Half Ironmans and 1 Ironman

Can you give us a list of the races you have done, finish time and place, big race results (like podium finishes, qualifying for nationals or worlds)?

I wish I could. I’ve looked back through historical programs such as Athlinks.com but nothing is really sticking out as noteworthy. I guess my favorite finish has been Ironman Arizona yet, where I complete is 13:21:22. I think my 70.3 PR is 5:45:43

What is your favorite distance to race?

I really enjoyed the Ironman Distance. It was quite a challenge and I can’t wait to complete my next!!

What is your favorite race?

My favorite race…. I can’t say that I have a favorite. I really do love them all. I’ve gotten in to the directing side of things recently and that has certainly given me more satisfaction than my own accomplishments.

Besides triathlon what other sports you do?

I wish I had time for something else. If I’m not doing triathlon, I’m doing one of the 3 sports individually.

What coaching certifications do you hold? How did you get into coaching?

I am a Level 1 USAT Coach and a Level 3 USA Cycling Coach. I got in to coaching many years ago with Team in Training (still the best Coaching Training I have EVER been to). I was a mentor for the local cycling team for the Seagull Century and once I got involved in triathlon, they approached me about putting a team together for the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I happily jumped on that and when the numbers got too low to sustain a team, I started helping the local tri clubs. I still do that, in addition to my own group of athletes.


What is your basic coaching philosophy?

You have to have a base to do this sport and trust the training. Enjoy the process and all of the work that you are putting in to your training but don’t take it too seriously. When your training feels like a job to you, back off for a day or two. And DO NOT STRESS about races. The race is just a celebration of all of the work that you have put in over the past couple of months.

How did you get into being a race director? What are some or all of the races you work as the race director or assist in directing?

I love this story!! I got in to being a race director when the TriColumbia group folded and we were left sitting with an Ironman branded event (Eagleman 70.3) with no idea if it was still going to happen. The current Race Director, Gerry Boyle, and I sat in the lobby of the Dorchester County YMCA, trying to convince the other one to be the Race Director for the race. Then the word came that we were going to have Ironman Maryland and we REALLY tried to pass the buck to each other. Gerry has the experience with TriColumbia and the Ironman staff convinced him that he was the best for it (he was/is!!!). I thought I was off the hook and just going to get to wrench on the bikes (I own TriCycle and Run and am the head mechanic. We are the official shop for Eagleman and Ironman Maryland) but I got a 5 minute “recruitment” at Panera Bread in Easton where I was told, “You think you’re going to wrench but you’re the assistant race director and we’ll teach you everything you need to know.”. The rest is history with Eagleman and Ironman Maryland.

Since then, I’ve also taken on the role of Race Director for a few local events and really enjoy putting on events that everyone can enjoy. In 2016 I am the Race Director for our free monthly 5ks (that we put on from my shop), the Firecracker Kids Triathlon in Cambridge, Maryland on July 4th, and the Tri The Beach Sprint/Olympic/Kids Triathlon in Pocomoke City, MD on August 6th.

Name and link to your coaching and race site?

As I run all of my services through our shop (TriCycle and Run) we consolidate everything on that webpage. The address is www.tricycleandrun.com

Tell us all you wish to tell about yourself?

I have a wonderful and supportive wife, Laura, who is going to do her first 70.3 this year, and two outstanding kids (Natalie is 4, Ben is 6). In addition to being my wife, Laura is my partner in TriCycle and Run and is the glue that holds it together. We have had our shop for 5 years and, if that doesn’t keep me busy enough with the additional coaching and race management, I am a full time police officer with the Oxford Police Department, working 40 hours a week (mostly nights). In my “free-time” I am an adjunct professor at the local community college (Chesapeake College) for the Criminal Justice department.

What races and/or events are you planning on doing in 2016?

At the time of this interview, I have already completed Ironman Florida 70.3 (April) and am preparing for a return to my first venue, the Nanticoke Sprint Triathlon. In July I will be competing in Vineman 70.3 in California and then two weeks later the New York City triathlon. Finally, in October, I will be racing the newly minted Ironman North Carolina 140.6 (formerly Beach 2 Battleship). Each of these events I am racing for an organization that I am one of the original members of, Team BlueLine (http://teamblueline.org/). We are a group of law enforcement officers who race to raise money for the families of fallen officers.

Link to all your social media site so people can read more about you and follow you?

Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/1509237

Garmin Connect: https://connect.garmin.com/page/profile/minprofile.faces?displayName=chance0128

Blog: http://www.tricycleandrun.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jason.t.chance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TriCycleandRun

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tricycleandrun/?hl=en

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-chance-49961988

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