Why you Should Never Compare Yourself to Others

Very nice article on the subject of individual training and goals, I fully agree that goals and training should be individualized. For more great articles like this follow this blog.


runners don't compare yourselfOne of the many things I love about running is the fact that while you are surrounded by thousands of other runners you’re only racing against yourself. You can chat to runners at the beginning of the race about your training plans, your diet, your new kit and none of it is competitive (in my experience anyway). The runners there alongside you at the start aren’t there to race you, they are there to race themselves, smash their PB and reach their own personal goal.

I’m very competitive. Trust me, when it comes to a game of Articulate that is mixed with a few wines I don’t even recognise myself. However, when it comes to running I know that I won’t offend anyone with my competitive nature, because I’m playing against myself.

Here are a few reasons why you should never compare yourself to another runner.

1. You’re on your…

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