Lifting until I fail …

I do believe that proper weight training or some type of strength training during the winter months is good for improving cycling performance in the upcoming season. For more great articles like this follow this blog.


I recently wrote that hills are a cyclists best friend. They strengthen legs, resolve, and technical proficiency. Well, if hills are my best friend, then the leg press is a twin.

During the off-season, I lift a couple of times a week. I have done this for years with a variety of workouts depending on my understanding of how best to achieve the results I was looking for. Light weights with high reps. Heavy weights with low reps. Short rest periods betweens sets. Long rest periods between sets. Full-body workouts. Leg specific workouts. Core workouts.

This year, I have changed things up. Again. I’m lifting heavy weights with low reps until I fail. Until I cannot lift any more. Until I fail. I’ll do 6-8 sets of an exercise including 2-3 warmup sets with progressively heavier weight, and then 4-5 sets with weight close to my maximum. I keep adding sets with…

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