Tiffin Park Splash and Dash

The swim leg of the splash and dash will take place in the Tiffin City Pool at Hedges-Boyer Park. The 7-10 age group will swim 100 yards in a serpentine pattern, beginning by swimming out lane one and back in lane two, out lane three and back in lane four. The 11-15 age group will swim 200 yards, also in the serpentine pattern, but they will go out and back in each of the four lanes. The swim start will be an in water, time trial start with swimmers starting every 30 seconds. The first swimmer will have the bib number 0 and the following swimmers will be number 1,2,3,4,5, etc. There will be volunteers to help athletes in and out of the water.


The run will take place inside Hedges-Boyer Park along the walking path and will not cross any roads. There will be a water/aid station approximately 550 meters and 1200 meters into the run course, which will be the turnaround points for the different age groups. The route will have markers approximately every 100 meters to allow the runners to know where they are on the course and how far they have run. The 7-10 age group will turn around at the first bridge at the bottom of the hill. The 11-15 age group will cross the second bridge and run towards the YMCA and turn around before they reach Summit Street. On the way back in they will cross the first bridge. There will be volunteers on the run course at each turn to make sure runners stay on course and safe.

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