The Really Angelic ‘Dirty Burger’- Vegan

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Well it’s dinner time here again and as usual we were debating what to eat. After the success of last week’s burgers we decided to try our meat free version tonight, et voila, we came up with these little beauties. My 9 year old decided she wants to be vegetarian, well vegan in fact, but when we told her she wouldn’t be able to eat her chocolate Easter eggs she quickly changed her mind, so vegetarian it is. She has never been much of a meat eater, so this will be an easy transition for her, and in my opinion she eating way more healthily because of it. These burgers are packed full of protein and vegetable goodness. They are also cheap, low fat and easy to make which is definitely a bonus.

This makes 8 burgers or 4 extra large ‘Man v food’ ones (like we made HaHa!!)



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