Track World Championships day 5: Trott wins Omnium, Wiggins/Cavendish with Madison gold


The 50 kilometre Madision closed out the five-day World Championships with 16 nations competing for the final gold medals of the competition. It was an aggressive ride from the off and several teams gained a lap on the bunch, putting themselves into prime position for the title.

One of those countries was Colombia with their newly crowned omnium champion Fernando Gaviria, who would later crash. France and Switzerland also stole laps, as did Australia thanks to a huge solo effort midway through the race.

The night would belong to the pairing of Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins, who racked up the most points in the first half of the race, but then faced a massive challenge of trying to steal back the lap on those four teams. They bided their time, waiting until the last 20 laps when Wiggins followed Albert Torres from Spain and the two teams worked together to lap the field despite a desperate chase from Australia.

Their celebration was short-lived as Cavendish touched wheels and crashed in a bend in the closing laps, but he managed to get back in the race and help the team finish sixth in the final sprint.

It was the second world title for the British pair, who last won in 2008 in a similar fashion


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