2016 women’s Strade Bianche – videos and more

Another great article on woman’s cycling. If you like this blog you should follow it.

ProWomen's Cycling

It was a bittersweet day – the launch on the Women’s World Tour, which the UCI promised us would transform women’s cycling, with one of the most exciting, instant Classics, the Strade Bianche – wow!  The racing sounded so exciting from twitter, the bits we could find out thanks to people tweeting from team cars, but unfortunately the coverage wasn’t great, with the race not tweeting much, the UCI stopping their women’s cycling twitter, and a lack of pictures…  BUT let’s celebrate what we do have.  I’ll write more about the implications later, but the tl;dr will be that it was a glorious race, ridden really well, and deserved a lot more coverage.  Luckily, there’s always home-made media!  I’ve got a collection of videos, photos, results and more media.

Let’s start with the 4.5 min highlights on Sporza (may be geo-restricted) and 30 mins from RAI

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