Shaking of the Frame


Oh Christ. I can’t feel my legs. Send help.

Monday: Rest day. Lazier than a sloth on ket.
Tuesday: 1 hr 5 mins turbo, 25 mins running plus 15 mins each way cycling to Goodgym and back
Wednesday: 15 mins physio, 15 mins S&C, 25 mins each way cycling to a family do and back
Thursday: 5 mins drowning, 15 mins running, 15 mins physio, 10 mins S&C
Friday: 3 hrs cycling
Saturday: 3 hrs 30 mins cycling, 50 mins swimming
Sunday: 4 hrs cycling

Over the last three days I have cycled over one hundred and seventy miles. That’s like cycling from London to Leeds, and still having a little bit of pocket change. To say the state of my legs right now is fragile is a gross understatement. They are withered and broken, only held together by being so inanimate they haven’t yet clocked on to the fact…

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