Interview with an Ultra-Marathoner

Another great interview by Jane Runs Wild. Please, read and follow her for more great post.

Jane Runs Wild

_DSC8855-X2Ever think that 26.2 miles is not enough? Have you ever considered running an ultra marathon?Today’s post will feature a Q&A with my friend Amber- who decided after running marathons for 10 years (including Boston marathon as a qualifier) that she needed a new horizon. After reading “Born to Run”, she was inspired by research that showed that humans are built to run/walk long distances. Thus began her journey into ultra marathons- and she hasn’t looked back since. Enjoy this inspiring interview!

Question: How many ultra marathons have you run? Which was your favorite and why? 

Answer: I’ve run two 50Ks, two 50 milers, one 100k and a few ultra relay races (running about 25-42 miles each time, depending on the race). I’m sure no surprise, my favorite race was the one in which I suffered the least and had the best finishing time: the Mt. Hood 50 miler in Oregon. Beautiful scenery…

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