Interview With Professional Cyclist Johnathan Freter

Name: Johnathan Freter

Social Media tags: Facebook: Johnathan Freter or Jfreter17 Twitter: @Jfreter17 Instagram: @Jfreter17 Strava: pros/263443 or Johnathan Freter

Sport: My beloved sport is Cycling and I am a cyclist.

Where are you from? Born in Virginia but raised in Columbus, Ohio.

Where do you live and train? Well this is a funny question. For nearly 23 years of my life, I have officially lived in Ohio, but since I went away for school at the age of 18, I have lived in Columbia, Kentucky, St. Charles, Missouri and I have trained everywhere from Wenatchee, Washington to St. Petersburg, Florida. However as I write this, I am sitting in “my bed”, in a very nice family’s apartment in Marinilla, Colombia.

Team: As of January 1, 2016 I am on the Astellas Cycling Team. It is a UCI Continental team. (Think of it as a division 3 pro.)

Position on team: Our season has yet to begin so the spots are still a little unknown but generally speaking I am a rider/cyclist for the Astellas Cycling Team. With my previous experiences and fitness willing, I am aiming to be one of the leaders this year.

How old were you when you started participating in sports? Hmm, the short answer is: since I can remember. For the real answer you would have to ask my parents. My dad used to do local races, which had kids’ races in the mix, so I would line up for those when possible. I believe I was actually known to throw a fit if I missed them. HA! But I believe my first organized sports began when I was around the second grade or so.

How old were you when you started in your current sport? Like I just touched on, thanks to my father, I have always been around a bike in some capacity. It wasn’t until I was maybe 14 or 15 that I actually started to mess around with racing in my current sense of the word.

What is your favorite sport memory? I don’t know if I have a favorite sports memory. I have loads of sporting memories; some good, some bad, but they all come together in a greater story to make who I am today.

What would be your dream event to race in? I have two dream events to race in. First pick would be the Tour de France. However the professional sport of cycling is predominately a European based sport now days, so it is hard for Americans to even get close to that level, even if they have the rest of the package. I was actually told this past fall, by a European based squad that they did not see the need to hire an American rider unless they brought along an American cash sponsor. The second is to race in the Olympics. However I believe making the national squad for any event, especially the Olympics is even more of a pipe dream. While they both take a great amount of genetic talent, hard work, good connections, luck and money to get there, the national team selection is political enough that I will likely never get my name tossed in that hat.

In your opinion what is the best location to race at? I have only raced in North America as I didn’t have the money to race abroad with the national program when I was younger and the gap was filled with chasing a degree that is viewed as mandatory in our modern society. After two schools and 4.5 years, I did manage to snag an undergrad degree, but honestly as of right now the only thing that it has helped me with is learning how to pay bills. Ha, but that is a different subject for a different time.


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