Athletes Feeding Kids

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Have you ever wanted to do an Ironman, Ultra-marathon, or Ultra-cycling event, but did not have the time or money?

Come join the Athletes Feeding Kids Challenge presented by the Tiffin YMCA to support the funding for meals for kids. The Weekend Food Program provides food bags to schools on Fridays. Each bag consists of two breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. All food is portion controlled and meets all FDA rules and regulations. Point of Contact for the program is Deena Smith (419) 447-8711 or at

What is Athletes Feeding Kids?

  1. March 2016 – 31 day challenge to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles. Or
  2. March 2016 – 31 day challenge to ride a double century (200 miles). Or
  3. March 2016 – 31 day challenge to run an ultra-marathon (50 miles). Or
  4. March 2016 – 31 day challenge to swim an ultra-swim (10km). Or
  5. March 2016 – Couch Potato

What do you get?

  1. Race Shirt upon completing one of the challenges
  2. Virtual bib to print out and wear (please take pictures of you racing).
  3. Access to the Facebook group.
  4. Entry to win some awesome prizes!

When does it start and finish?

You have from 12:00AM on the 1st of March until 11:59PM on the 31st of March, to complete one of the events that you signed-up for.


Everywhere and anywhere you want to train. You can ride, swim, and run indoors or outdoors. It does not have to be at the Tiffin YMCA; no matter where you live it can be done.

Exercise Modes:

Training for the Athletes Feeding Kids Challenge can occur outdoors or indoors at any fitness facility to which you have access. Specific exercise modes for each leg can include but are not limited to:

Swim – You may use an indoor pool or accessible lake/pond/ocean. Any stroke can be used to complete the required distance.

Run/Walk – You can walk, jog, or run using tracks, treadmills, roads, and etc.

Bike – You may ride outdoors on any type of bicycle, tricycle or unicycle or you may ride indoors on a stationary bike, trainer, or spin bike.

How to sign-up, you ask?

Register online or in person at the Tiffin YMCA


Only $30 whether you sign up today or at the last minute. Sign-up website


You will receive a virtual bib to print out and decorate as you wish. We encourage you to take pictures while you are completing the Athletes Feeding Kids Challenge, and share them on the event Facebook group.

Logging your miles:

Once you have registered and paid your entry fee, you are responsible for logging your swim, bike, and run/walk mileage through the event Facebook group, e-mailing them to or dropping them off at the Tiffin YMCA for Wayne Robinson.

Race Rules:

All the miles you can log during the month of March from swimming, running, or cycling.

Race Limit:

None so please tell all your friends and let’s get them involved as well!

Our Sponsors:

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Toughman Race Series

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