Toughman Washington State – July 9, 2016

Ocean Shores Tri & Foot Fest Summary

11th Annual ~ Tri & Foot Fest | Sun, July 9th, 2016

*NOTE: This is a fresh water swim

Join us for a weekend filled with running, biking and swimming race events! The Ocean Shores Big Weekend Tri & Foot Fest hosts no fewer than eleven race events, including a half iron relay, half iron triathlon, a Olympic relay triathlon, a Olympic and sprint triathlon, a half iron and Olympic distance Duathlon (Bike/Run) a 13.1-mile half marathon, a 10K and a 5K race, and a triathlon for kids. For the participants and families of the participants who flock to this beach community along the Washington coastline very summer, dating back to the event’s first running in the summer of 2006, they are sure to have plenty of options.

All of the day’s races start and finish at North Bay Park, the city’s largest park and a popular local spot for outdoor recreation ranging from sports on land like tennis and basketball to lots of water sports, as the park lies along the northern edge of Ocean Shores’ Duck Lake. From the park, those running the half marathon will follow an out-and-back loop course in a counter-clockwise direction around the peninsula.

Runners will get to see plenty of the scenery for which Ocean Shores is known along the half marathon route, which crosses bridges and takes runners out for a roughly mile-and-a-half stretch along the beach in the race’s first few miles. After heading back onto the roadway, runners then head down to the peninsula’s southern end, where they make their way around the edges of the Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area along the shore, and then head north along the shoreline of North Bay before making their way back to the finish line at North Bay Park.

Triathletes share the same run course, swim in Duck Lake and are presented with a bike ride along scenic roads with the occasional deer on the side of the roads, as well as views of the ocean.  With the exception of some very minor changes in elevation in the first few miles of the race, both the triathlon and run events are on mostly flat terrain, especially in the second half of the race, which is nearly all flat.

If you’re looking to have a great weekend that caters to both activities for athletes as well as fun filled opportunities for families and their kids, then the Ocean Shores Big Weekend Tri & Foot Fest is sure to provide an amazing experience.

Ocean Shores Big Weekend Events:

Sunday, July 9th 2016:

    • Half Iron Triathlon ~ 1.2 Mile Swim ~ 56.84 Mile Bike ~ 13.1 Mile Run
    • Half Iron Duathlon ~ 3.1 Mile Run ~ 56.84 Mile Bike ~ 13.1 Mile Run
    • Half Iron Aquabike ~ 1.2 Mile Swim ~ 56.84 Mile Bike
    • Olympic Triathlon ~ .9 Mile Swim ~ 25.34 Mile Bike ~ 6.2 Mile Run
    • Olympic Duathlon ~ 3.1 Mile Run ~ 25.34 Mile Bike ~ 6.2 Mile Run
    • Olympic Aquabike ~ .9 Mile Swim ~ 25.34 Mile Bike
    • Sprint Triathlon ~ .5 Mile Swim ~ 12.94 Mile Bike ~ 3.1 Mile Run
    • Junior Tri For Kids ~ 50 Yard Swim* ~ 2 mile Bike ~ .25 Mile Run
    • Half Marathon
    • 10k Run
    • 5k Run

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