Should You Do Stride Drills?

How many people do stride drills or strides before or after a run? How many don’t do them at all? These two questions are brought up a lot. I work with the YMCA youth cross country, track and swim teams and even some of the youth and their parents ask these questions. Have you ever sat down and asked yourself these questions?

Why should you do stride drills or strides? They help you loosen up after a slow long run. Stride drills can serve as a transition to faster workouts, especially for younger or new runners who are just learning to run. Strides increase your running economy by reinforcing proper running form. Strides that are conducted barefooted can increase foot and ankle strength. Strides only take a few minutes before or after your normal training session.

Here is a list of some of the strides drills that are out there, If you have any that you like to do please let me know.

Toe Walking Drill       March/Skip Drill         Heel Walking Drill      Rhythm Skip Drill

Bounding Drill            High Knees Drill         Butt Kicks Drill          Quick Skip Drill


2 thoughts on “Should You Do Stride Drills?

  1. I was told that it’s more beneficial to do a hurdle step drill than butt kicks – mainly because people don’t do them correctly and don’t position their foot in exactly the right place… but I do think there’s a benefit in doing running drills 🙂

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