Why Do We Do This Called Endurance Sports?

Why do we do this thing called endurance sports? Have you ever asked yourself that question? The other day I was reading a post on one of the Facebook groups that I’m a member of and someone was complaining about the finisher medals. I asked the poster if he/she did it for the medal, challenge, physical fitness, or for social reasons. They stated that it for the swag and only for the swag. My suggestion to that person was that it would be cheaper to simply go to the mall and buy some bling. I’m not saying I don’t like the swag, because I do very much. To get the photo for this post, I went deep into the basement and dug through a pile of my things and found some medals that I had forgotten about. I am not judging anyone if the only reason they do events is for the medals. I was just wondering who does it for the challenge, for fitness, or for social reasons.

There are a number of races or events I have gone after just for the challenge of the event. I kept hearing on a Facebook group how challenging Savageman was so I signed up for the event. It was a very challenging two days of doing triathlons up and down the hills of Garrett County, Maryland; it is an event I would do again in the future. I kept hearing from a group of cyclists how challenging the Ride Across Indiana (RAIN), a single day ride across the Central Indiana for a total of 160 miles in the July heat. It was challenging and also an event I would do again in the future. The same thing is true for several of the triathlons, marathons and half marathons I have been to.

I have also done a few races and events for social reasons I was not fully trained up for Racine 70.3 one year, but a friend asked if anyone would ride up to Racine with him and spend a few days. I said of course, why not. I rode the Hancock Horizontal Hundred twice with friends because they wanted to put a group together to make a pace line, and I wasn’t sure what else I am going to do that Saturday. It is fun to go places, eat dinner, and hang out friends and doing an event is just extra fun.

I got back into training because in late 1996 after returning to Germany from Bosnia, my company commander said I was looking a little big for my uniform. So, I just started running twice a day, and then a few months later I was like I am going to run some 5KM for fun. This turned into more than fun, so I started training harder and more often. Six months in I figured I could do a marathon, so off I went to sign up and complete the 1998 Berlin Marathon. When I was on recruiting duty I quit training and put on some weight, at one point I was 240 pounds at 5 foot 8 inches tall. That was another wake up call to get back to training. I always have to be doing some sort of training so my weight doesn’t get out of control.

Please understand, I never mean to offend anyone when I ask why you do it. I just want to know what makes people tick I feel it is important to know what drives a person.

I still have a nice bucket list of event I want to do. If anyone has any really cool, challenging, scenic, or good social events let me know. My calendar is pretty much set for 2016, but I will need stuff for 2017, 2018 and so on


4 thoughts on “Why Do We Do This Called Endurance Sports?

  1. I run because I enjoy doing the races… until I’m actually running them and then I wonder why I continue doing it. I like pushing myself and I also enjoy the bling. My primary motive in choosing races is the course though. Traveling cool places and seeing the sights is the best part of racing.

    Some awesome races I’ve done:
    Chicago Marathon and Marine Corps Marathon – both were nice races to see the cities (Chicago and Washington D.C.)
    Space Coast Marathon – Awesome Space Shuttle medals (I’m a space geek). Also a nice course, 90% along the intercoastal.
    Rocketman Triathlon – Bike through the Kennedy Space Center
    Bandit Trail Run 50K – Simi Valley was awesome and the race through the mountains was amazing (even for this injured Florida boy not used to mountains).
    Keys 50 or 100 ultramarathon – I did the 50-miler. 7-mile bridge was amazing, seeing swordfish, rays, and turtles in the blue waters.

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  2. I think for me it is the challenge of pushing myself to my limit. To be honest, I spent the first part of my adult not being particularly fit or healthy. Once I made a change to a healthier and more active lifestyle, it was something that I took on full-board…I went from couch to triathlon (sprints), distance cycling, and then the running took over and for me that is the marathon. As hard as that distance is on me when I am running it to full potential, like you mention, as soon as I am done I am already thinking of the next one. Part obsessive, part yearning for the challenge and the chase of another PR.

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