IRONKIWI 140.6 Challenge – 2015 Post Report

My family and I participated in the IronKiwi Challenge. I would like to say I really enjoyed this event. I first learned of this event from Brian Flom’s page, I became friends with him through the Toughman Race Series Page. I was curious because I enjoy anything to do with endurance events and giving back to the community. After reading about the even, I really wanted to do it.

After I decided I would do it, I knew the next thing to do was get my family to do it as well. My wife was in but she said I would have to work with her on the swim because she does not swim. I said no problem, we can make this happen. My son at the time was finishing his cross country season with the middle school and would only have a one day break before starting swim season at the local YMCA. So, he was in and would only need a little motivation to get the bike leg done and he would be able to complete it easily.

The idea of all of us doing this together was the best thing. I have done several half distance and couple full events, but that is me normally going and doing the training and racing mostly on my own with a little bit of riding with the family during the summer. They would normally be stuck on the side of some road cheering as I rode or ran by. This event would allow us all to do it together, a little at a time, no one sitting in the sun all day sweating as they waiting for the rider or runner to pass by and cheer for a few seconds only to sit in the sun for another hour or so waiting for the rider or runner to pass by again.

I really enjoyed the event and it gave me a reason to get back off my backside and get back to training after taking six weeks off after Cedar Point. I put on several pounds sitting around after my last race and was not doing any training at all. So, I was very happy for the challenge and the chance to raise money for the Team CHM (

The swim for me was the biggest challenge. During this event I hurt my arm at work and was not able to lift weights or swim for several weeks. But, thanks to this event getting me re-motivated and back to doing some training, I am looking forward to starting the USAT National Challenge Competition on the first of December with some goods friends from Black Triathlete Association (BTA). My son being on the swim team, at the age of 13 swims around 2 miles every day at practice. He took a few days off to go visit some friends of his but for the most part put in steady effort on the swim. My wife got an upper respiratory infection at the beginning of the month and was unable to finish. She is starting to get back at it and looks forward to finding another similar event in the future.`


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